Meetings and Speakers

January 11, 2017 – 7:30pm, Ravine Park Hatchery

“Suckers, Swallows and Snails” — Christy Juteau, National Conservation Science Director for A Rocha Canada

She will share how they monitor species at risk in the Little Campbell River watershed (where they discovered the endangered Salish Sucker) and how that is feeding into land use planning processes.


February 8 -7:30pm, Ravine Park Hatchery

Christine Bishop – Snakes & Reptiles


March 8 – 7:30pm, Ravine Park Hatchery

To Be Determined


April 12 – 7:30pm, Ravine Park Hatchery

Laurie Kremsater – Environmental Consultant


May 10 – 7:30pm, Ravine Park Hatchery

Rob Higgins – Ants


June 14 – Summer Picnic – Location to be determined



If you have any suggestions for speakers or topics, please inform one of the executive.

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